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What exterior paint color should you pick?

When you're deciding on a paint color for your home's exterior, selecting an elegant color that complements your overall design will be the best choice. It's fairly affordable to boost the appearance of your home with help from a skilled and equipped painting contractor. These are some of the considerations you should take into account when picking a color scheme for your exterior painting job:

  • Color arrangement: The colors you pick should complement the overall look you're going for and the mood you want to create. Make the place your own, especially if you're someone who works from home or spends substantial time there.
  • Feeling calm and relaxed: Greens and blues are elegant hues that have the ability to put you at ease.
  • Energetic and productive: For a touch of color that stands out from the rest, oranges and yellows are bold enough to do the trick.
  • Comfort: Toned down, versatile colors like gray, beige, and off-white can make a property feel more cozy and comfortable.
Why might it be beneficial to hire the skills of an exterior painting professional?

Seeking an exterior painting company to apply new paint to your property will usually give you a high-quality outcome than you could attain by yourself. DIY jobs rarely go as you hope unless you have the tools and training to carry out the job to industry standards. Instead of attempting to fix errors, homeowners can seek an exterior painter to carry out the job as adeptly as possible. The skill they've garnered from their experience in the industry will be mirrored in the level of quality exhibited in their craftsmanship. From pressure washing the siding, putting on the primer and paint, and taking care of the cleanup afterward, you need to hire a contractor to do it all. With their superior approach and guaranteed work, you don't have to worry about them taking shortcuts or delivering subpar results.

How can you get your home prepared for an exterior painting task?

Exterior painting provides excellent results when it's carried out with close attention to detail and according to top standards. Professional painters are prepared with the training, tools, and methods to conduct the job with exceptional craftsmanship. Superb craftsmanship begins with taking first steps that help the paint stay and look great for a long time. These are some of the steps you need to take to get ready for an exterior painting job:

  • Power wash: Getting rid of dirt and grime offers you a spotless area to start working on, so using pressure washing tools is a productive way to wash it off.
  • Scrape off flaky paint: Scraping and sanding down old paint will remove flaky or cracked parts that have been left behind.
  • Get surface ready: Compounds used to repair surfaces can repair flaws on exterior siding so that you can work on a flat finish.
  • Recaulk: Improve caulk on trim and windows to then paint over it with a sleek finish.
    • Priming: Rolling primer on bare wood and area that's been fixed to help the paint adhere.
  • Utilize drop cloths: Keep paint away from your yard by using drop cloths on decks, sidewalks, and shrubs.
What's the cost associated with painting the exterior of a residential property?

The expenses related to exterior painting services depends on the size of the home, prep work, and paint. A one-story property can cost approximately $5,400 and rise to about $7,500 for a two-story property. It's a great investment for many homeowners who want to boost their property's aesthetic appeal and keep it damage-free from the elements all year round. Another factor that can add to the overall cost is how skilled your contractor is because it can result in higher quality craftsmanship and guaranteed services. Reach out to a local painting contractor who can assess the project and provide you with a free, upfront quote for the costs you can anticipate to pay.

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Go over the details of the job with an exterior painter who can give you beneficial tips and help you decide on an elegant color combination. Having a freshly painted house can raise your property value and overall make it the envy of the neighborhood. It's awesome what the right sheen, color, and application can do to bring some new life into a place. Thumbtack is here to make your home improvement visions come true with help from a number of local contractors ready to roll up their sleeves and perform excellent work. Get an excellent finished product by using our app and get in touch with a knowledgeable professional to handle the whole process with careful attention to detail.